Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to it

Ok, 3 months off is long enough. I doubt anyone reads this, but I am trying to get more art done and posted. Honest, I am. Coming soon. Oh yeah, I'll have a story out on Free Comic Book Day in the Ape Entertainment sampler book. More details to come.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Things and 44

Haven't posted in a while, not like anyone has read the other stuff I posted. But thought I'd let people know of stuff I plan to do. I want to start posting more art so I will be doing that. i also plan on doing what I call, The 44. Mike Wieringo was an inspiration, and it wasn't until recently that I realized that he was my inspiration for the style I was looking to pull out of my work. Simple, clean, and most of all fun. I'm not trying to copy his style by any means, so don't get in a huff. Just seeing how he did things has really opened up my eyes to blocks I was having in my work. But here's what I'm wanting to do. I printed off every sketch Mike did on his site from it's beginning days, all the way to his last one before he passed. I love the fact one of my jobs has high speed internet and a great laser printer. But I plan to gather 44 of them together, one for every year Mike was with us, and ink them and post them here. Just to see what 'could have been' if Mike and I had ever worked together. This should be fun. Hope you like them. I hope to start posting them soon.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good-Bye Mike...

These are the kinds of things that make me just ill and creeped out. I'm on Comic Space a mere 10 minutes prior to this post. I see Mike Weiringo is on there, so I decide to befriend him. I then go to Skottie Young's site 2 minutes later and see that Mike Weiringo died yesterday! Mike was was of the good guys, not just as an artist but as a human being. I met Mike almost 10 years ago when I was creating Dr. Goyle. he was at a 2 day show in Chicago where I was showing a small 3 page intro to the character. I introduced myself to Mike and showed him the stuff. He said he thought it was "super-damn cool", and hoped it would sell a ton. He said it looked like the kind of book that kids especially would enjoy, which was my intent. I asked him if he would mind giving me a quote to use in promoting the book. He said he'd be glad to. For a pro who was struggling to stay in this biz, this was a boost to my ego. It helped to keep me going through times i felt like quitting.We kept in touch, though not as much as I would have liked to. But I picked up Mike's work whenever I could and always loved his storytelling style. He was truly unique, because his stuff looked so effortless, and had such a childlike quality to it.I will miss him..a lot. ButI feel bad for all the future generations of comic readers who will miss out on all the future things Mike had waiting in those pencils of his, and all the things that made Mike such a good person to know.Good-bye Mike. Can't wait to see the comics you're making now.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wizard World Chicago trip

Friday I went down the the Wizard show in Chicago. I haven't gone in about 5 years so I thought it was time to go and try to get some work as well as see some of my old cronies.I went down with my friend Neil Oliver. Neil owns Kowabunga Comics here in oconomowoc. He went down to get some sketches, as well as pick up some Hero Clix. His prize buy was the Fin Fang Foom piece. As you can see in the picture, he's quite proud of it. Sorry for the blurriness of all these pics. I took them with my phone and I have a slight shake in my hand. If you are ever in Ocon, make sure you stop by his shop and say hello.
I also got to see my pals Chris Jones and his girlfriend, Melissa Kaercher. Chris pencils Batman Strikes for DC, and Melissa is an awesome colorist. She and I are working on Femme Noir: The Dark City Diaries together. Chris and I have known each other for many years now and hope to work together again in the near future. He doth draw mightily!he is also quite funny. many a Fallcon we have cracked each other up so bad we almost had to be taken to the ER.
This tall drink 'o water is Mike Norton. Mike and I first worked together back on the Badger with Mike Baron. We went on to create Dr. Goyle, a humorous Hellboy type character. Mike now draws The Atom for DC. I'm really glad he's had a lot of success these last couple years. He's really talented and has worked his ass off. We're trying to do something together in the future as well.

Bill Reinhold has been a friend of mine nearly my entire career. i first learned inking from John Nyberg. John inked Nexus at First comics where Bill was drawing the Badger. I met Bill at Chicago almost 20 years ago now. I've helped him out on a few books he was inking. He's given me a page from almost every project I've worked on with him. That shows you how classy a guy he is. Bill's family is practically my second family. I've watched both his kids grow up, and his wife Linda is just a great lady.Anybody messes with them, they answer to me.

This man is one of the greatest artists ever to grace the page of comics. I grew up reading his Micronauts and just drooled over his Avengers Annual # 10. Saw the drama of his 'Nam and saw his jaw-droppingly awesome Jurassic Park dinos. TwoMorrows publishing just released a book on his career and needless to say I got my copy autographed. All bow before the great Golden!

I gave some samples out to the usual suspects: Marvel, DC, as well as Aspen, Moonstone, and a few others. We'll see what comes of it all. Overall a good time. Seeing all my friends makes me sad I don't see them often enough. Hopefully I'll be working with them soon! Met a lot of new folks and added their links to my list. Check them out, and tell them Mark sent ya! Now I'm looking ahead to Fallcon in Minnesota. So far away yet so close. Damn, I have a lot to do before then!

Monday, August 6, 2007

300 Spartan rough

One of my regular jobs is working at Best Buy. I work Loss Prevention, which means I stand at the front door, say hello to everyone coming in and check receipts going out. Often times, I have nothing to do, so I doodle. After seeing the movie 300 yesterday I got inspired. So i started doodling this. The left forearm and hand are for crap but I like the value study I did on it. I might work this up to a larger finished drawing and take it with me to Fallcon and make prints. Who knows since I have so many pieces I want to do and so little time to do them in. But until then, here's a little Spartan glory for ya!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good girl...

I did this as my first foray into a more cartoony style. I still go back to it every now and then. Trying to find a "style" for me has always been difficult. I'm comfortable with how I draw, I just don't find it real exciting sometimes.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's good to be bad..

Two of my favorite bad girls..the Enchantress and Madame Hydra AKA Viper. I originally did this just for the hell of it. The Enchantress made it to ebay and Viper just sits waiting for a home. Anybody?Done in a more cartoony style, but loads of fun. I find doing women in this style is much more fun and really works off their curves.